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"sQuids in in Bolton as change gets the heave-ho"
2 June 2008
- The Bolton News

LOOSE change is a thing of the past for Natalie Rose - who has become the first person to get her hands on a sQuidcard.

Bolton has been chosen to launch the new card which aims to replace small denomination cash in the town.

It can be used to pay for everyday items including coffee, sandwiches and newspapers.

On Saturday, the sQuid team, in their bright pink T-shirts were in Victoria Square in the town centre giving out sQuidcards, balloons, T-shirts, bags and other sQuid goodies.

The card is aimed at people aged seven and over and Bolton was chosen because it already provides e-money cards in the form of its BSmart scheme, which is also supported by sQuid.

A sQuidcard can be topped up with up to £100 of cash at sQuid retailers or online.

Adam Smith, managing director of sQuidcard, said: "The people of Bolton are among the very first in the country to benefit from this new, easy way to pay."

As well as being a convenient way to pay, the firm says its use helps young people to develop good financial sense.

Bede Feltham, marketing director of sQuid, said: "Young people cannot get into debt using this card, but it introduces them to the concept of paying by card and budgeting.

"For parents there is the added reassurance they can monitor how their child is spending their pocket money."

The firm says a number of retailers and services are already on board with new ones registering all the time.

There are even plans in the pipeline to pay for car parking using the card.

Mr Feltham says more organisations, such as universities are looking at using the card to enable them to go to more economical cashless system for certain services.

Miss Rose, aged 24, who lives in Little Lever, said: "I think it is a good idea to pay for smaller items and not have loose change.

"As a parent I would feel more confident giving my child a card than loose cash. This way I will be able to monitor how she is spending her money. I think the card would educate her financially too."

The Bolton News is one of the supporting partners of the Bolton sQuidcard along with Bolton Wanderers, Bolton Council, the University of Bolton and towerfm.

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