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"sQuidcard receives award for payments innovation"

12 December 2008 - London

sQuidcard, the eMoney operator, received the award from Gemalto e-Payments Terminals for “the innovative design and features of sQuid, deployed on a Gemalto terminal” at Gemalto’s international Partner event held during the recent international Cartes exhibition in Paris.

The award by Gemalto was for sQuid’s end-to-end eMoney service, encompassing contactless cards, retailer terminal application, and online customer experience.

Speaking at the event, Michel Leger, senior vice president e-payment at Gemalto, said “This award recognises sQuid’s capacity for payment innovation utilising the MagICĀ³’s contactless USB, IP and Linux programming environment. sQuid stands out for its contactless payment service, which operates independently of the bank schemes. Gemalto believes its approach to small value contactless transactions in the retail environment will have significant appeal to both consumers and merchants alike.’

Adam Smith, Managing Director of sQuidcard, said: ‘sQuid provides customers with an easy replacement for cash. The bank schemes have not had much impact, and the cost of credit cards for customers and merchants continues to be a big issue. sQuid is free for customers and low cost for retailers. By deploying our technology on platforms such as Gemalto, we make life easier still for retailers.’

The sQuid service is based around a smartcard used for contactless payment. Anyone can have a free card, which the customer tops-up, using it at enabled retailers. sQuid launched in the summer in Bolton and is expanding into Scotland this year.

sQuid is currently available on the magIC3 range of Gemalto payment terminals, which provides an integrated platform for both bank schemes and independent schemes such as sQuid.


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