Pre-order and pre-pay online

Enable your customers to order online
Whether you have a business canteen, deli or restaurant, the ability for customers to pre-order and pre-pay in advance for food and drink or other items, brings benefits to both you and them.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our staff this new, innovative and convenient service allowing staff to pre-order and pay for their lunch from the comfort of their own desk” - Bruce Reid, Accord Operations Manager at Aberdeen City Council.

How it works
With an easy to use online interface for both you and your customers, sQuid's online pre-ordering opens up new ways to deliver value to your customers and an excellent customer experience.

Upload menu items from Excel a text file or manually
You can upload your menu items quickly and easily, from your secure administration area for your customers to then view online. Add and amend inventory in a matter of seconds, for example if you run short on stock or want to promote a daily special. To upload larger menus you can also upload an Excel spreadsheet. It's all web based so there's no software for you to download, just your own online account and you're away.

Making a purchase online
Customers make their selections from your menu displayed on the sQuid customer portal (the account id links them to you, meaning only your menu is visible). Customers choose their items and pay, they can add funds to their account via a credit or debit card or a bank transfer. Because their transactions are from pre-cleared funds you know that a payment has been made and that you will have the money settled into your bank account.

Real-time reporting in your kitchen
Orders are printed in real time on a compact printer in your kitchen, it's plug and play and operates from a mobile phone SIM card so there's no wiring needed. Our administration portal also provides you with comprehensive reporting of all transactions, which can be viewed online as they are made or can be downloaded in to an Excel spreadsheet.


For an online demonstration and more
To find out more or for a free no obligation online demonstration, please contact us.



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