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Britons urged not to hold reservations over 'fast and secure' contactless payments
6 Feb 2012

Britons should hold no reservations about using contactless payments as the technology is fully secure, it has been claimed.

Mark Bowerman, spokesperson for the UK Cards Association, reassured UK consumers that contactless e-money payments are "fast, convenient and secure" and should be warmly embraced.

"Anyone with a contactless card should have no concerns over security issues. There is a limit for each contactless transaction of £15 and on top of this, for every few contactless transactions, a PIN is required to authorise the transaction," he said.

"These security measures mean that the potential gains for fraudsters making contactless transactions are small and therefore it is not an attractive fraud for them."

Mr Bowerman added that Brits with contactless bank cards will not be liable for any losses if they are the innocent victims of fraud.

There were 19.6 million contactless bank cards in the UK at the end of September 2011, with Visa planning to release another ten million cards with contactless functionality this year.

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