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Children's meals 'need to be improved'
2 Dec 2011

Parents could soon be looking to school dinners for tips on how to make mealtimes more healthy.

Alison Wyndham, founder of The Wyndham Centres, said she thinks the food given to children needs to be improved in general, as many people are unsure about what a healthy diet actually is.

"Once we use up all our available minerals the body steals them from elsewhere such as the calcium in our bones," she commented, warning that this could easily be happening if youngsters are not getting the recommended levels of daily nutrients.

Ms Wyndham said that education is the key to improving children's eating patterns.

Since many school catering authorities have been winning awards recently for the quality of the food they produce, this education could come from school dinner providers.

According to Jamie Oliver's website, a third of a child's daily nutritional intake comes from their midday meal, meaning that for many, it is the only healthy food they eat all day.

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