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Could cashless catering cards help police force?
14 Dec 2011

A new document has highlighted unhappiness in the police force over the way officers are fed during busy periods.

The Police Federation report aimed to collect officers' thoughts on how operations went during the August riots in London.

However, one issue it brought up was that of the quality of sandwiches they were provided with while on duty.

Several individuals complained about the low standards, while others pointed out that fillings such as chicken posed a health threat after they had been sitting in a warm van for several hours.

"Strength of feedback in relation to catering has been huge," the report commented.

Top-up cards giving police officers the chance to use cashless catering may be useful in preventing this in future.

They could either use the cards within force headquarters, or be provided with eMoney to use at participating food retailers.

Outlets including Domino's and Subway already have electronic loyalty cards, so a police payment scheme could perhaps be an extension of this.

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