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Firm in US sets a good example for employee mealtimes
5 Dec 2011

Companies looking to implement cashless catering for their workforce could follow the example set by one US firm and go a step further.

Financial firm CapitalSource began providing free lunches for its staff in 2000 and has continued ever since, meaning they can collect a fresh meal every day without having to shell out any cash.

Most of the employees now take advantage of the scheme, which includes healthy meals such as soup, salad and local produce.

"It cuts out having to worry about what you're going to eat, or where you're going to go," said human resources spokesperson Dana Smith.

Last month, nurse practitioner Robyn Kievit told Fox News that opting for food from a salad bar every day can make it easier for students using cashless catering to make healthy choices.

Companies could collect feedback for similar initiatives using contactless smart cards, which can monitor take-up and meal choices even if employees are not required to pay.

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