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Jamie Oliver: I want to set up my own school meals service
21 Dec 2011

Children who have school dinners could one day be eating food served up by Jamie Oliver's own education catering organisation.

The celebrity chef told Sainsbury's Journal he still wants to be involved in improving the meals youngsters are given while they are at school, six years after first putting the subject into the headlines.

"At some point, I plan to take over a local school food service and run it as a not-for-profit operation. I want to show that the quality and variety of food at school can be a lot better," he commented.

Last month, Oliver criticised education secretary Michael Gove for "eroding" previous legislation that has been trying to battle the rising tide of obesity in children.

He called for the current government to make a legal requirement for the new academy schools to adhere to national standards for healthy meals.

If Oliver does launch his own school meals service, he could bring cashless catering with it in order to monitor how purchasing habits change once different meals are brought in.

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