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News in-depth: School catering service gets behind fund-raiser
24 Nov 2011

school catering service lent its support to a special fund-raising event held at a school in Hartlepool recently.

Catcote School Business and Enterprise College was hosting its annual Go Global Enterprise Week, which raises money to build schools in Sri Lanka, Laos and Nepal, the Hartlepool Mail reports.

Rather than serving up its usual fare, the canteen altered its menu for the week to include a range of Asian food so that children could learn more about the countries they are helping.

The youngsters also produced books about the locations, grew herbs and made their own beauty treatments.

Donations raised from visitors going to look at their efforts all went towards the National Go Global Enterprise project.

"We were all excited to raise money and awareness for these underprivileged countries and hope the money we raise will get them a new school they desperately need," said participating pupil Lilly Tennant.

Each £23,500 raised is enough to build nine new school, so it is hoped that money from similar projects across the rest of the UK will go some way to achieving this.

Cashless catering using smart cards could help schools to make midday meals easier during busy periods such as this, as it reduces the need for queuing and children having to count out change.

However, the technology could also directly benefit the people in the developing countries cited here.

For example, sQuid recently participated in the SOS Children's Villages in Kenya initiative, which involved giving African youngsters card loaded up witheMoney and fitting smart card readers at central locations.

Aid money could then be toped up online by charities so that it goes straight to the poorest people, rather than being taken by the government and officials.

It is hoped that eMoney could be rolled out in other countries, perhaps including Sri Lanka, Laos and Nepal, to help people get the support they need.

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