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One in six secondary pupils skips breakfast
9 Nov 2011

School meals at lunchtime could be more important than many people think, with new research revealing that many secondary school pupils are now skipping breakfast.

A poll by the LACA - formerly the Local Authority Caterers Association - as National School Meals Week continues discovered that one in six pupils aged 11 to 16 does not eat breakfast, or about five out of a class of 30.

Girls were found to be more likely to do this than boys, but the LACA warned that not eating enough could leave children irritable, disruptive and unable to concentrate on lessons.

Worryingly, many pupils may also not be making the most of a nutritious meal at lunchtime either, with one in six parents with children eligible for free school meals admitting they are not taking up the offer.

Many said they did not want their child bullied due to the stigma, so it may be that cashless catering solves the problem and ensures that all youngsters get a healthy hot meal.

A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that boys claim they have no time to eat breakfast, while girls skip the meal to lose weight.

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