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Schools 'will offer price promotions on midday meals'
30 Dec 2011

Under new measures designed to tackle childhood obesity, schools are to be allowed to operate price promotions on midday meals.

The Department for Education said it is lifting restrictions that currently mean institutions have to charge the same price per pupil in the hope of attracting more children to try school dinners.

For example, schools may wish to cut the prices of meals for different year groups each day, or offer special prices for siblings who both have hot dinners.

The scheme has worked well in trails, so it is to be rolled out across the country with the aim of competing with takeaways and encouraging youngsters to make healthy choices.

Chief executive of the School Food Trust Judy Hargadon said: "Price promotions do increase take-up in the long term, so while a school wanting to run a really big promotion will have to invest to cover the cost, it will pay back a big return."

It may be a good idea to bring in contactless payment for schools wanting to charge pupils different prices, as paying with a top-up card will prevent children from knowing each other's totals at the tills.

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