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Contactless payments rolled out across Siemens restaurants
14 Mar 2012

Staff at technology giant Siemens can now pay for their food at the firm's restaurants using contactless payments.

Siemens has teamed up with easycash Loyalty Solutions - a division of global payments provider Ingencio - to roll out the new system to over 60 restaurants attached to its offices across Germany.

Both guests and employees can now use a prepaid card to pay for their meal by simply swiping their card against the contactless payment terminals at the till. 

A spokesperson for Siemens said: "It is important to Siemens that all users of its restaurants make cashless payments, which avoid waiting times at the till, reduce the handling and transportation of cash, increase hygiene and save staff time, and that money handling is reduced to a minimum."

Users will be required to set up a monthly direct debit to their prepaid card account to ensure it is consistently loaded with funds, while they can also top up their balance at provided readers.

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