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Intel joins board of the NFC Forum
8 Dec 2011

Intel has revealed that it has upgraded its membership to the NFC Forum, a non-profit organisation that aims to advance the use of near field communication, to sponsorship level.

This means that the computer company will have a seat on the board of directors and will be able to propose new initiatives, as was as carrying out testing of the payment method in its own labs.

Chairman of the NFC Forum Koichi Tagawa said: "Intel's decision to increase its level of involvement with the NFC Forum highlights the rising importance of NFC technology to our members and its value to consumers and businesses around the globe."

Last month, Intel revealed it is pairing up with MasterCard to add NFC to its new Ultrabooks.

This will allow owners to make payments over the internet by swiping a smartphone or contactless smart card across a built-in reader, eliminating the need to input security information as is necessary at present.

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