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German consumers warming to contactless payments
3 Feb 2012

German consumers are increasingly beginning to embrace the concept of contactless and near field communication (NFC) payment technology, according to new research.

A survey conducted on behalf of Euro Kartensystem has revealed that 43 per cent of Germans aged between 18 and 59 would like to make contactless payments if given the opportunity.

Of this group, 58 per cent would like to conduct these contactless e-money transactions with a debit card card, 41 per cent with a credit card and 50 per cent with an NFC-enabled phone.

Respondents were most open to use contactless payments to pay for transport, with 58 per cent happy to use the technology for this purpose. Over half (55 per cent) of Germans would pay for fuel at a petrol station with 'tap and go' technology.

"Until now, the Germans have been more cautious compared with other nations when it comes to cashless payments," the survey report said. "Now there are signs of a turnaround."

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