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German firm to benefit from new multi-functional smart card
12 Jan 2012

Consumer products company Henkel is set to issue its staff with a new multi-functional smart card

Global smart card provider Multicard will issue the German firm with the new contactless smart cards which will be primarily used as an ID tag to grant employees access to buildings.

The cards can also track staff members' attendance records and the time they clock in, as well as ensuring they can access the company's computer network securely.

Cardholders will also no longer need spare change in the cafeteria as the cards can also be loaded with funds to pay for food and drink.

Michael Strenger, responsible for Site Security for Henkel Dusseldorf, claimed that the new multi-purpose card will not only be more convenient for employees but also offer improved levels of security.

He said: "Rather than having to issue and manage separate credentials for each secure application, such as physical and logical access, we can now ensure that all credentials for an employee are issued or revoked at the same time."

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