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Indian hospital patients to pay for medical bills with smart card
30 Jan 2012

Patients at a hospital in India will soon be able to pay for their medical bills using a smart card, it has been revealed.

Officials from the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32 (GMCH-32) in Chandigarh have announced that payment terminals are being installed across the institution in a bid to reduce transaction and queuing times.

After signing up for the scheme, patients will be required to deposit a minimum amount of funds onto the pre-paid cards which will then be deduced for tests, medicine and medical bills.

A senior official from the hospital said: "The card will work like any other prepaid card and will be used for all kind of payment of fees such as diagnostic tests, treatment and hospital charges," quotes the Indian Express.

"More importantly this facility will be available 24 hours and thus there will be an end to complaints regarding closure of any counters."

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