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New cashless tolling system will 'improve' road safety for Sydney drivers
3 Feb 2012

The introduction of an e-money tolling system on two motorways in Sydney will improve road safety, it has been claimed.

Motorists using the Eastern Distributor and Hills M2 motorways in the city can now use the E-tag and E-Pass systems to pay for their toll.

Drivers simply attach a tag to the inside of their vehicle's front windscreen which will communicate with a toll collection point scanner and deduct the required fee from their account.

"The end of cash collection will mean simpler, safer and faster journey for millions of motorists each year on these motorways," said Eastern Distributor operations and maintenance manager, Henry Byrne.

"The conversion to cashless toll collection will help to reduce congestion and improve travel times on the motorways by removing the need to queue at cash booths, lifting sign-posted speeds through toll collection points and reducing merging and weaving by cash booths."

Motorists who do not use the cashless tolling system are required to contact the authorities within 48 hours of their trip on either motorway in order to arrange payment of their tolls.

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