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New smart card developed for Indian sportspeople
16 Mar 2012

A new smart card has been developed which will hold the details of sportspeople in India, it has been revealed.

Technology firm A2S Solutions has created a prototype card which contains the personal data of athletes including name, ID number and the state federation which they are assigned to, reports the Indian Express.

It is hoped that the new card will help prevent athletes alerting their personal details by creating a comprehensive database of information.

Shekhar Bakhale of A2S Solutions revealed that the firm have been developing the smart card for a long time.

He told the news provider: "However, there was a need to make simplified version of the card available to various sports bodies in the country.

"The new card is easy to use and provides the basic data relating to the athlete available at the click of a button."

A2S Solutions has teamed up with software company Infoserve to develop the prototype, which will be unveiled by the company on March 20th.

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