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News in-depth: Competition announced to find world's best NFC technology
5 Jan 2012

A competition has been launched that is designed to showcase the world's best examples of near field communication (NFC) technology.

Run by the NFC Forum and WIMA, a worldwide event dedicated to the phenomenon, the contest will be called Tap Into Innovation and is expected to attract entrants from all kinds of industries.

There have already been good examples of its use in healthcare, contactless payment and gaming, so some of these businesses may consider entering to win in the categories of Best Innovative Solution, Best User Experience or Best Business Viability.

Entries must be received to the NFC Forum by March 5th 2012 and the eventual winners will be announced in Monaco on April 12th.

Chairman Koichi Tagawa said he is delighted to be able to show off the best of the world's NFC services.

"The NFC global ecosystem is an abundant source of inventive solutions that bring NFC's power and ease to both new and existing applications," he added.

In November 2011, NFC World revealed that a new store in the US is bringing in NFC technology to improve the experience of its customers.

Display areas at ShelfX will have built-in scales for stock management purposes, while people in a hurry will be able to benefit from contactless payment technology via their mobile phones without even having to use a checkout.

Founder and chief executive Ran Margalit said: "We are taking the shopper back to a time when shopping was simple."

He may consider entering the competition, something that could prompt other businesses to bring in NFC themselves.

NFC technology works in a similar fashion to Bluetooth, although it is operated within a smaller range for more accurate data transfer.

A number of stores in the UK already employ it to speed up transactions, but it can also be used in other settings such as public transport, where people can use pre-loaded contactless smart cards to pay fares.

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