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News in-depth: New contactless payment system rolled out across Cape Town taxis
27 Jan 2012

Residents of Cape Town are set to benefit from cheaper taxi fares in the city following the roll out of a new contactless payment system. 

Those travelling between the city centre and Cape Town's harbour, known as the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, can now use the Tap-I-Fare technology to pay for fares, reports The Cape Times.

This new electronic fare collection system has been installed in 40 taxis operating on the route, eliminating the need for passengers to carry cash on-board.

Discounts will be made available to those who use the new technology, with card holders charged a flat rate of 3.50 South African Rand (£0.28), while commuters without a card are required to pay 4 South African Rand for the same trip.

Yesterday (26th January), the Peninsula Taxi Association (PTA), technology firm Digicore and Absa bank officially launched the new system.

PTA chairman Igshaan Lucas claimed that the body made the move in order to provide customers with a more convenient way in which to pay for their fare.

"Why did Peninsula do this? Well, we did so that we could prove to everyone that we can evolve as a taxi association. And cash is also becoming obsolete. People don't like walking around with cash," he told the news provider.

The system is 'EMV compliant', allowing holders of Europay, Mastercard and Visa-branded contactless cards to complete their transaction by simply swiping their cards against the provided reader.

Pierre Bruwer, managing director of Integrated Fare Collection Services, a subsidiary of Digicore, claimed that the new system will offer both taxi owners and taxi associations a mutually beneficial solution that would make a difference to commuters' lives.

"We have seen that taxi owners, operators and associations appreciate the benefits of the new approach to rapid transit payments, and are confident that it will be embraced in the way that government has intended," he told the news provider.

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