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Schools in Massachusetts tests out cashless catering system
23 Dec 2011

Schools looking to bring in cashless catering could be following a new trial of the facility that is taking place in Massachusetts in the US.

According to the Salem News, all of Beverly's schools are bringing in special machines that let students pay for their meals remotely from January 1st 2012 onwards.

When the students enter in a PIN, their image will be flashed up on a screen so the assistant can verify the right person is getting the food.

Parents can top up the eMoney online and will also be notified if the amount gets too low.

Nancy Antolini, director of food services, explained she helped to bring cashless catering in for another area and it went very well.

"It helps the lines move faster. Children have more time to eat instead of standing in line," she added.

Parents of pupils at Murrayburn Primary in Sighthill could be lobbying for this technology if they hear of it, as the Scotsman recently reported several youngsters at the institution getting meagre portions and having no time to eat them.

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