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Smart parking meters fitted in Boston town
6 Mar 2012

Drivers in a Boston town can now pay for their parking fee using e-money following the roll out of smart parking meters. 

A total of 50 of these new parking meters have been installed in various car parks around Salem, enabling motorists to pay for their fee with a bank card as well as cash, reports boston.com.

These new meters also offer cheaper hourly rates, with some fees dropping by around half dependent on the demand for parking spaces in the area.

The smart meters will be trialled for 90 days as city officials look to evaluate their functionality and reliability before rolling them out across the town.

Jennifer Bell, Salem main streets manager, expressed her delight that the city council had responding to the public's request for updated meters in the town

"The new meters allow people to use their credit cards to pay, which is much more convenient than searching for change," she told the news provider.

"Since only a few are being installed at various locations, people can test out the meters and give the City valuable feedback as to whether this should be implemented throughout the downtown."

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