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Students create vending machine to dispense bike safety helmets
6 Jan 2012

A group of students in the US city of Boston have created a vending machine that could be used all over the world.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology undergraduates realised that although a bike lending service recently launched in the metropolis called Hubway was useful, many people were put off using it for safety reasons, BostInno reports.

So, a group led by Danielle Hicks came up with a solar-powered machine called HelmetHub that is able to dispense cycling helmets to users of the scheme.

Boston Bikes spokesperson Nicole Freedman said she is thrilled with the idea.

"The fact that the students did this is very exciting," she added.

Helmets are dispensed for a small fee and users choose their size via a touchscreen.

For this reason, it could be an idea for the students to add contactless payment technology to the vending machines, as cyclists may not always want to carry money.

They could then pay for helmets with their phones or with a contactless smart card.

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