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Boots customers have hundreds of unclaimed loyalty points
6 Feb 2012

Millions of Britons have failed to redeem the loyalty points they earned at Boots stores, according to new research.

The health and beauty giant has published figures which show that a third of their Advantage Card customers have enough points on their store cards to earn a £5 discount.

Furthermore, over a thousand Boots customers have more than £260 on their loyalty cards.

Advantage Card holders earn a total of four points for every £1 they spend in-store on online, with each point worth £0.01.

It appears that the majority of Boots customers are building up their loyalty points to fund the purchase of a 'big ticket' item, although some may simply have forgotten to redeem their dormant points. 

It is not the first instance of Brits forgetting to claim loyalty points, with a recent study by fast food chain Subway revealing that UK consumers have hoarded a total of £5.2 billion worth of unclaimed loyalty card points.

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