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Half of Brits 'would not leave house without loyalty cards'
4 Jan 2012

The popularity of loyalty schemes in the UK shows no sign of abating, as a new survey carried out by Global Prepaid Exchange demonstrates.

According to the poll, three-quarters of Britons now have three or more loyalty cards in their wallets, while 41 per cent claimed they would not leave the house without one.

A huge 91 per cent of respondents said they use such a card when purchasing food and most save up the points they collect to get hold of something specific.

Interestingly, a large proportion admitted they would choose a store with a loyalty scheme over one that did not operate one.

Kevin Harrington from Global Prepaid Exchange said: "70 per cent of the consumers surveyed agreed that loyalty schemes help retailers better understand their needs."

This comes after an Imperatives for Customer Loyalty study for Independent Retail News found that 68 per cent of loyalty scheme members are happy with the benefits they receive.

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