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Loyalty schemes 'could help restaurants struggling with discount deals'
15 Dec 2011

Restaurants struggling with the effects of discount voucher deals could consider bringing in loyalty schemes to encourage more custom.

Bernd Geiger from Dubai's Qamardeen Hotel told Hotelier Middle East this is a problem being seen by establishment owners all over the world, with customers trying to get more and more value for their money.

He thinks loyalty schemes are the only way to outpace the appeal of discounts and urged restaurant owners to "fight back with quality".

"If someone is loyal you, you have to give them something back in return. You have to decide what they want and give them a loyalty scheme," Mr Geiger commented.

Roberto Rella from Roberto's in Dubai also suggested adding little extras to meals, such as bruschetta and canapes instead of olives and bread.

UK restaurant managers losing custom to Groupon and other sites could think about using loyalty schemes and contactless smart cards to run them, something that is currently being done by takeaway outlets such as Subway.

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