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New loyalty scheme aims to attract tourists to Mississippi
8 Feb 2012

A new loyalty scheme has been launched in Mississippi which aims to attract tourists to the coastal region of the state, it has been revealed.

The Club Gulf Coast Card will offer tourists savings when they visit retailers located across the Mississippi Gulf Coast - comprised of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties - and is free to sign up to, reports The Sun Herald.

Firms will be required to pay a fee to participate in the program but the first 50 businesses to join the scheme will not be eligible for the $75 (£47) sign-up fee, while the $50 (£31) monthly fee will be waived the first year.

Participating hotels, restaurants, attractions, casinos and shops will be free to decide what type of savings they offer to cardholders.

Bill Lady, owner of Coast Inn & Suites in Waveland and member of the Hancock County Tourism board, claimed that tourists have been staying away from the state following Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill. 

"We have so many obstacles to overcome. We need a good year for tourism and I think 2012 will be it," he told the news provider.

The program will officially launch on May 1st and will linked to a large-scale advertising programme top encourage people to spend their summer holidays in Mississippi.

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