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New loyalty scheme app launches in UK
16 Jan 2012

A new smartphone app has been launched in the UK which aims to provide a modern alternative to the traditional loyalty card scheme.

The Loyalli app, which is available on the iPhone and Android handsets, is aimed at small retailers, cafes and restaurants.

Users can download the app for free before simply scanning a bar code the developer sends participating outlets each time they make a transaction.

Sebastian Borggrewe, developer of the Loyalli app, claimed that many people forget to use or throw away stamp cards, while retailers have very little evidence to demonstrate their effectiveness.

"The Loyalli app means customers don't need to carry, lose or forget to use cumbersome physical loyalty cards, they just need their phone," he said.

"It also provides retailers with the most cost-effective and easy to implement marketing programme available, with the ability to analyse trends in usage."

Over 50 independent retailers across the UK have already signed up to Loyalli.

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