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News in-depth: Foursquare adds NFC to Android mobile app
16 Feb 2012

Foursquare has now added Near Field Communications (NFC) to its Android mobile app, with its Venue, Lists and Me pages updated.

People using the location-based social media service can now exchange information and media with other individuals simply by 'tapping' or 'waving' their phones next to each other.

They can share lists of places they have been to or venues they have visited, as well as putting their handsets together to create friend requests. Furthermore, people can check in by waving their device next to an NFC tag or poster.

Speaking to Untether.tv about the development, vice-president of mobile and international at Foursquare Holger Luedorf said it offers a "great" user experience that saves people time when they want to check in.

"We try to leverage the native experiences and APIs that are available through the platform as those usually drive the best user experience. We're trying to leverage this because we feel that pinpointing someone down to a location through an NFC chip definitely has some value," he continued.

Currently, the technology can only be utilised by those who have an NFC chip build into their handset that runs on the Android 4.0 - or Ice Cream Sandwich - operating system. This means it is mainly those with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus who can take advantage.

However, Mr Luedorf explained the company decided to introduce the changes because the technology required was ready and waiting. He also suggested that moving forward, other platforms could also receive the technology and Technology Times suggested this could mean it is introduced for those using iOS.

This news comes after a study conducted by marketresearch.com predicted 46 per cent of all mobile phones will include NFC technology by 2016, which is a 41 per cent increase on 2011's total. Furthermore, the market is set to grow significantly in value, expanding from $7.68 billion (£4.86 billion) in 2011 to $34.5 billion in four years' time.

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