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News in-depth: New restaurant loyalty scheme app looks to 'punch out' hunger in the US
14 Mar 2012

A new loyalty scheme app has been launched in the US which aims to eradicate hunger in the US.

ValuedPatron Marketing Services is now in the second week of its 90-day trial of the Eat-A-Bite, Give-A-Bit programme which offers diners the chance to help out local people in need while also earning discounts on future meals.

Members of the scheme simply scan their smartphone at participating restaurants to receive an electronic 'punch'. For every punch, funds are released from a donation pool backed by ValuePatron and its funding partners to be distributed to a local food bank.

Each restaurant will also be given a PunchPoint target - the total number of punches that a restaurant must reach before a reward is offered to members. Rewards will vary between restaurants although members are guaranteed to receive at least 50 per cent off their next meal at that restaurant.

In partnership with food distributors Performance Foodservice and Roma Food - subsidiaries of the Performance Food Group (PFG) – ValuedPatron has begun rolling out the scheme to 50 restaurants in Boulder, Denver, St Paul, Minneapolis, and Chicago.

"We're proud to have Performance Food Group's support of the Eat-A-Bite, Give-A-Bit programme," said Keith Bluford, chief executive of ValuedPatron. 

"Our technology gives PFG's restaurant customers a replacement for the outdated loyalty rewards punch card - a totally new concept that enables a group of like-minded individuals to rally together for a single cause and gives restaurants a way to focus on valuing their customers."

Following the trial of the scheme, which is expected to reach more than 30,000 consumers in three pilot cities, the Eat-A-Bite, Give-A-Bit programme will then be rolled out to new cities every month from June.

A total of 95 cities across the US are expected to sign up to the scheme when it is fully operational.

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