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Students offered tips on choosing healthy meals from cashless catering services
11 Nov 2011

Students using cashless catering services at university have been offered some tips on how to choose healthy meals.

Robyn Kievit, a nurse practitioner and dietician, told Fox News that it can seem difficult at first, particularly for those living away from home for the first time.

However, she pointed out that getting into healthy habits now can make for a lifetime of good choices.

"If there is a salad bar, start off with a small salad - top it off with some beans (for protein) and vegetables (for vitamins), the more colour the better," Ms Kievit commented.

The beans could be substituted for turkey, but the plate should be composed of a quarter carbohydrates, a quarter protein and half fruit or vegetables whenever possible, the expert explained.

Many university campuses use eMoney for a variety of purposes, from photocopying in the library and shopping in the student union, to collecting hot meals from a central centeen.

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