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Superdrug rolls out contactless payment terminals to 50 UK stores
18 Jan 2012

Health and beauty retailer Superdrug has installed contactless payment terminals in 50 of its UK stores ahead of a wider roll-out of the technology later this year.

Customers at the store will now be able to pay for transactions worth up to £15 by simply swiping their contactless-enabled bank card against readers fitted in outlets across London and Liverpool.

The e-money technology has been provided by WorldPay's card payment business Streamline, and Visa Europe.

Darren Wilson, managing director at Streamline, labelled the move as the "latest milestone" in the adoption of contactless technology by the UK's leading retailers.

"Contactless payments are a cost effective, fast and efficient option, for both customers and merchants," he said.  

"We expect to see a 'tipping point' in contactless adoption over the next year or so as many more retailers adopt the technology."

A recent report from the UK Cards Association showed that there were 19.6 million active contactless bank cards in the UK in November 2011.

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