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“sQuid launch credit and debit card storage and automatic top up at the BETT Show”
13 January 2012, BETT Show, Olympia, London

sQuid the ePayments provider today announced the launch of credit card storage and auto-top-up (ATU) at the BETT Show.

sQuid ePayments are widely used in a number of schools across the UK, enabling cashless payment for everything from school lunches, trips, printing and photocopying, all aimed at removing cash from schools.

sQuid accounts can be topped up online via bank transfer to a child’s dedicated online account and also using a credit or debit card via sQuid’s secure online portal. With the introduction of credit and debit card storage, parents can now opt to store their payment card details with their sQuid account so that these are available each time they want to make an online top up thus saving the need to re-enter payment card details each time.

What’s more with the additional introduction of auto-top-up, parents can opt to top up their child’s sQuid account with a chosen amount of money each time the balance drops below a certain threshold, ensuring their child never runs out of lunch money.

John McGlashan, Sales Director at sQuidcard commented, “A lot of our customers and partners asked us for this new functionality. It has taken quite a bit of development but we believe it has been well worth the investment for all of our clients especially our parents who regularly use the system.

“sQuid top ups will now be even easier to use and set up so that children’s sQuid accounts are always topped up with cash. Another great reason for children to not have to bring cash or cheques to school”.



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