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sQuid wins Company of the Month in Business and Industry Today
7 June 2011


Business and Industry Today is excited to announce that sQuidcard Ltd has won our Company of the Month Award!  sQuidcard has been chosen as the recipient for this award for reasons including its impressive growth and its innovative, state-of-the-art cashless ePayment system that has been incredibly well received by schools, colleges, universities and campus environments across the nation.  Payments are made using contactless smart cards or biometric identification, allowing a safer, smarter transaction.  sQuidcard is the new way to pay, it represents a new type of cash: smart cash.  With the 10 millionth cashless transaction quickly approaching, sQuidcard has taken the world by storm.

Established in 2005, sQuidcard is based in Thames Ditton, Surrey, just south-west of London; but also has a UK presence in Bolton and Scotland; as well as Kenya, where sQuidcard is working with banks and Universities to deliver revolutionary eMoney services.  With a brand headline that states, “sQuid’s the new quid”, its easy to see why sQuidcard has quickly become the business that everyone is talking about.  The sQuidcard system is a safer, more reliable and convenient alternative to carrying cash in educational facilities and allows parents to track their child’s spending in a quick and easy manner.  With the added bonuses of saving school administrator’s time an reducing hassle associated with cash handling, sQuidcard will also provide management with detailed reports and visibility of all transactions on their campus.  Use it to pay for those must have everyday items, whether its a bacon butty, magazine or your morning coffee, the sQuidcard saves time spent searching desperately in your purse or wallet for the right amount of change. 

It’s not a credit or debit card, and it will never get your into debt.  Whatever your age, from 6 to 106, the sQuidcard is the eay to use contactless way to pay.  You don’t even need a bank account to take part!  Just hold your sQuidcard near the sQuid reader and in a couple of seconds, you will see 4 green lights and hear a beep and the process is over, it couldn’t be easier!

Offering a low cost pre-payment system to numerous market sectors including; schools, councils, transit, authorities, caterers, retail and loyalty, sQuidcard enables the lowest cost transactions in retails, digital and virtual commerce – bypassing often expensive bank and credit card networks.  Featuring its own FSA-compliant eMoney platform with bank-grade security, sQuidcard is able to offer an utterly unique, and most importantly safe, eMoney system – the money is held securely and parents are able to protect their account balance if a card is lost or even stolen.  Register your details online and top up the money on your sQuidcard account – all it takes is a click of a button.  For extra usability, you can even check your balance and view your transaction history.

In addition to the current services offered by sQuidcard, it has recently launched online preordering and ticketing; this will be shortly followed by expansion into mobile payments and NFC.


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