What is a eMoney?
eMoney is electronic money, which is also referred to as e-money, electronic cash, electronic currency, digital money, digital cash or digital currency, where value is is exchanged electronically.

sQuidcards are smart cards that hold eMoney and the sQuid network uses the internet, smart cards and digital stored value systems to transfer funds.

Each sQuidcard has a unique security number that is linked to a specific eMoney account. When you make a purchase, the card reader scans the encrypted code and will either accept or reject the payment, depending on the available funds.

This all takes a few seconds.


sQuid eMoney

sQuid eMoney is an open network
This means that sQuid can be used on a stand alone card or be added as an eMoney application to other third party smart cards. For example, this is exacty what Bolton Council have done to their smart card family with sQuid eMoney on both their Bolton Smart card and BSmart card.

Click here to visit the Bolton Council web site.


sQuid alternative payment network is protected