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“sQuid announce the launch of online integration with Frog’s learning platform”
11 January 2012, BETT Show, Olympia, London

Frog, a provider of online learning platforms to schools, and sQuid, the electronic payments network, have joined forces to create and integrate a sQuid widget with the Frog learning platform.

This sQuid widget enables parents to view their child’s current sQuid account balance and to access their child's sQuid account directly from their school’s Frog learning platform. This direct link to their sQuid account enables parents to top up their child’s account for cashless catering and school trip payments in the usual way, providing a seamless online customer journey for parents from Frog.

With over 800 schools between them, it is expected that this natural fit of their technologies will enable more parents to have a seamless online experience across both platforms as it is rolled out across the country.

Adrian Bantin, Head of Business Development at Frog, said, “We’re pleased to be able to offer the parents and staff who access our learning platform another extremely useful service, in sQuid. Effective payments and reduced cash handling at schools are becoming increasingly important issues and sQuid clearly enable that to happen. We’re very pleased to be working with them”.

The first school due to go live is the Harry Carlton School in Nottinghamshire, where they already use Frog’s learning platform and sQuid ePayments.

Graham Legg, Head teacher at the school said, “We’re very pleased to be selected as the first school in the country to go live with this joined up online approach, linking our Frog and sQuid accounts for parents. This is one of those things that just makes sense as it will enable our parents to access their school payment accounts from within our Frog platform”.

Bede Feltham, Marketing Director at sQuidcard, commented, “It struck us as a natural and complementary fit when we first discussed this with Frog at last year’s BETT Show and we’re pleased that we can launch the new sQuid widget for Frog at this year’s event”.

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