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"Students sQuid’s in at Dundee College"
30 January 2012

Dundee College has once more ‘come up trumps’ at the recently-refurbished £48m Gardyne Campus, by dealing sQuid cards to all students.

From today (Monday, January 30) student enrolment cards at Dundee College will include the use of sQuid e-payments.

The dual purpose college card is also a National Entitlement Card, a multi-application smartcard scheme run as a partnership between the Scottish Government, Scotland’s local councils, Dundee College and others to make it quicker and easier to access services.

As one of Scotland's leading colleges, Dundee College offers a wide range of opportunities for students and in turn a wide range of student services, which now includes sQuid electronic money (eMoney) on an all-in-one contactless smart card.

Dundee College students will be armed with their new photographic smart cards, which doubles up as a pre-loaded ‘cash’ card that can be used across the campus to make purchases.

Known as a ‘sQuid eMoney purse’, students can use their card to pay for food and drink at the sandwich counter, the canteen, or the shop, all sited in the campus atrium, and also purchase services on site including printing and photocopying, library rental fines.

Art students will find the card a real boon when it comes to buying supplies as the art supplies store has also jumped on board.

It is not just the students at Gardyne Campus who will benefit from the sQuid card, however, hairdressing and beauty therapy services at Kingsway Campus will be joining the cashless revolution next week, along with KC café bar, which is also open to the public, the campus shop and the canteen.

Students have the chance to win £25 on their cards simply by registering them before the end of February and will benefit from other student related offers in due course.

Caron Sandeman, business systems manager at Dundee College, said: “Our state-of-the-art learning facility is complemented by the rollout of sQuid cards. Our students will see immediate benefits from this system and we’re very pleased to be able to offer them the latest eMoney technology.

“There is no danger of students running into debt with their sQuid card as it is completely managed by how much funds they add to it.”

Students will also be able to use their cards to pay with sQuid off campus too, as sQuid payments can also be accepted at other shops and retail locations across the City. In addition, very soon, National Express Dundee buses will be accepting payment by sQuid for bus fares in and around the city.

John Gallacher, Regional Manager for sQuid in Scotland said: “Enabling students to top up their cards online with sQuid and giving students the ability to pay for things across campus is a great way to introduce financial responsibility in young people, especially as they can’t get in to debt and can only spend what’s on the card.”


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