Create a sQuid account

Create a sQuid account to top up your biometric purse
If your child school uses a biometric identifier to accept a cashless payment in the school canteen, and you have been sent a letter with a 16 digit sQuid Registration Number, then you can create an online sQuid account.

Want to pay for things online with sQuid
You can use sQuid to pay for things online like School Trips, uniform and Dinner Money. Your school will send you a letter with your 16 digit sQuid Registration Number, which you can register with sQuid to create an online account.

Innovate sQuid cardRegister your sQuid smart card
If you have a sQuid contact less smart card card, and now want to protect your balance, view your transactions and top up your card online. To do this you should create an account and register your card.

Why should I register my sQuid card?

Protect it, load it, check it
All you have to do is set up a sQuid account and enter the unique long number on your card and the 3 digit security code.

There are a number of reasons why you should register your card:-


Check your balance online

What's the balance on my card?
You can logon and check your balance at anytime. We’ll break down every transaction so you can see exactly where those pennies are going. Every month we’ll send you an email with your statement.

Load your card online

Easy to top up
You’ll be able to reload your sQuidcard online, from the comfort of your own home. You can do this via debit or credit card. Alternatively you can top up your card at a store that accepts sQuidcard.

View your details

Check your details online...
View your personal details at anytime online. You can also update these by clicking on the Edit details button. You can also change your Email address and Password too.

Protect your balance

Protect it
A sQuidcard is safer than using cash. How can this be so? If your card is registered and you lose it, just let us know and we’ll replace it. We’ll even transfer your balance to the new card, so you won’t lose any money.

sQuid alternative payment network is protected